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This event was part of our Free Summer Selkie Sessions to help create spaces in our community where women can come together to find support and connect.

It was a morning of mindful stretching and gentle movement on a beautiful local beach.  The session helped energise everyone for the day ahead and gave everyone an opportunity to connect with other local women.  It was so fun and very freeing to do a yoga flow on the beach in the wet sand, we had the cool breeze, some moody clouds and the sound of the sea to help create a wonderful atmosphere.  We even had a little visit from a seal!  


By the end of the session everyone felt so connected to our environment and we chatted about how good it feels to maybe be a little cold to begin with, but to feel into the movement and create heat within our own bodies.

Dunia Shakti was the yoga guide for the morning.  Dunia intuitively created movement to fit the elements and worked with the needs of those that came.  Dunia is an amazing yoga teacher, with a focus on Kundalini yoga, if you would like to find out more about other classes or workshops that Dunia runs please follow this link.

We ended the morning with a cleansing hot herbal tea from the The Selkie Collective shop and allowed time to chat and relax.

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