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We know how hard it can be to find time to take for yourself, so this event came from wanting to help local women find some space to relax and chat.  The evening of a relaxing yoga flow and some hot chocolate at the end was simple and perfect!

This was our first Free Summer Selkie Session and it was a great way to bring some women together.  The yoga was aimed at all levels and having time at the end to relax and chat was very special.  Often when we go to classes or yoga sessions there isn't time to meet the other people attending and part of our want for The Selkie Collective events is to make sure that we always allow time "just to be".

The evening of yoga was led by Melanie Hancill.  Mel creates a beautiful calm atmosphere in her sessions, her style is 'flow yoga', which is a slow moving yoga with a lovely relaxation at the end.  

For all of our sessions we can provide all of the yoga mats, bolsters, blocks and eye masks.  This has been through funding we have received in the past and has made all the difference to our sessions, because it makes it accessible to all.  Women don't need to worry about not having a yoga mat etc. or having to think about bringing things.  You can just turn up and have everything ready for you!

Mel does regular yoga classes and if you would like to find out more about them then please go to Melanieroseyoga.

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