Creating Rejuvenating Spaces for Women.

One of the reasons why we started The Selkie Collective is because we feel passionate about supporting the environment and supporting women in our community.  We wanted to create spaces to share, chat, walk, forage, enjoy simple meditations, be creative and spend time in nature.

These spaces are a time that allows rest, relaxation and the opportunity to meet other like minded women.  We believe that connection is the key to living well - when we connect to ourselves, to others and to nature we can then realise the importance of taking care of all of these things too.

As women, the majority of our work is based on healing and in particular the healing of women.  This is always best to come from a place of experience and therefore most of our events are specifically for women.  However, not all of them are, please see events details to see which ones are open to all.


  • Women's Walk In Nature with Eòlach
    Different Times Available
    Sun, 29 May
    South Skye & Lochalsh
    29 May, 13:30 – 16:00
    South Skye & Lochalsh
    A two hour meander along shoreline and forest. Allowing us to connect to ourselves, each other, nature and forage the food that surrounds us as it comes to life in Spring.