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We have had two gorgeous foraging events for the past two years in Spring.  We have been lucky enough to be guided by Verity Hurding, @foraging.eolach around the shoreline and forest in Armadale, South Skye.

Verity is a wealth of knowledge of all things seaweed and forest floor and it has been fascinating learning about all the different things that we can eat!  We must have done a similar walk many times and never really known more than the obvious edibles, like wild garlic.  The morning takes us on a slow walk which allows everyone to take their time, to taste and discuss each plant that Verity points out, the most recent group even got lucky and saw a Minke whale come quite close to shore where they were foraging.

By slowing down we not only get to enjoy all the delicious things to forage, but after to the two hour session you really do feel rejuvenated by the environment!  Spending time in 'green' spaces and near the water calms the senses and a lot of the women that have joined us on the foraging have mentioned feeling very 'positive' afterwards, with a feeling of wellbeing.

We hope to do more women only foraging events in the future, also Verity does foraging sessions throughout the summer months so if you would like to get in contact with her please follow this link.

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