Talking to Local Women from Skye & Lochalsh

Amy & Emma want to take the time to talk with local people and find out about local projects, the people themselves and the places here in Skye & Lochalsh.  Helping to make links, find out information and connect us back to our surroundings and the people that are making great efforts to help the environment, champion women's issues and generally support their local community.

Starting a Business & Managing AnxietyIzzy Cunningham
00:00 / 31:14
MeditationJo Royle
00:00 / 49:41
Arts & Climate ActionSara Taylor
00:00 / 27:32

It's also now possible to catch us on Radio Skye!

Our podcast will be airing on the first Tuesday of every month, and then it'll be repeated later in the month if you missed it the first time.

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Life Journey with Trish RogersArtist Name
00:00 / 31:22
The Importance of Art with Sarah LongleySarah Longley
00:00 / 26:56