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Banana Bread with Chocalate Shards

Banana bread is an oldie, but very much a goodie! You can add your style to the cake/bread by adding walnuts, dried fruit or chocolate. As well as it being a family favourite it's also one of our favourites because it's all about wasting less.

We always find that we have one banana that never quite gets eaten in it's prime, and sits in the fruit bowl as everyone eats around it. When you see a banana like that chop it with the skin on and stick it in a container in the freezer. Yes you read correctly, with the SKIN ON!

Banana skin is full of nutrients, B12, B6 and magnesium are just a few. We've been using frozen chopped banana with skin on in smoothies for years, so when it came to making banana bread it was obvious that I just needed to use my stash in the freezer.