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Finding Our Rhythm

We're all different, every single one of us... and that's why we believe that it's so important for us to connect back to our own individual body. We now live in a society that tells us we should keep up with work, exercise, have great social circles, eat clean and bring up children, all whilst making it look effortless! It's exhausting just writing it, nevermind trying to "do it all", but no matter how many times we can remind ourselves that this is an impossible truth we still try and keep up. So it's no wonder that sometimes our bodies feel out of whack, our periods can be irregular, PMS sends us into a frenzy of anxiety and anger or we end up in bed for a few days because of cramps or heavy periods.

This part of womanhood that can make us feel so out of sorts, can also be the one element of being a women that we can come back to, that reminds us to slow when we need to, that tells us when it's best to go for a run or simply just stretch, when it's best to have that work meeting and when to snuggle in and watch the telly - our menstural cycle. Our infradian rythym is the cycle in which our hormones go on every month, and along with this cycle naturally comes physical changes and emotional ones too. Our menstrual cycle can be a wonderful source of information when we take the time to listen to our bodies.

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