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Frugal Food

Our last blog post was all about wasting less, we provided links to some great resources which have inspired us too!

So we've been trying to come up with recipes to try that are not only delicious, but also cheap as chips - probably even cheaper. Two vegetables that we have in abundance, and that can be grown happily in Scotland are carrots and onions, they cost very little and are readily available everywhere.

Carrots are one of those vegetables that don't really need much help in the flavor department, they're delicious raw too. Children seem to always go for carrot sticks and if you grate them with a squeeze of lemon, pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil, they're a quick and easy accompaniment with lots of dishes. Think omlette with salad and a side of grated carrot, or mixed into buttery mashed potato - sounds odd, but that little bit of zing really works, or added into a wrap with spicy pulled pork or pulled jackfruit is probably one of our best discoveries so far.

Quick and Easy Cooking

These days most of us don't have the time to think up elaborate dinners, we need something quick and easy, that doesn't take much attention or thought. Well, that's definately how we feel, we all get home from work and have hungry children to feed and then there's the realisation that we didn't manage to get to the shops... So we came up with two very simple carrot and onion recipes.