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The Woman's Way

This week was our first women's gathering in nature. It felt like the perfect time to come together, as restrictions start to lift and our lives start to resemble the life we had over a year ago.

We were overjoyed to be able to gather once again outside and have the opportunity to connect with other women in our community and beyond. It feels more important than ever to remember these moments and how sacred they are, especially meeting in nature and having these regular pauses to ensure we nurture our connections to our environment, to our community and most importantly to ourselves.

We often know what's best for us, but when life gets going we can often just put these things to the sidelines. We don't make these times and spaces necessary and sadly our society still continues to think of these types of spaces as luxury, not necessary or even indulgent. We feel that this is completely the opposite to the way we should be looking at life. We believe that spending time in nature doing nothing more than "being" is important, we believe that connecting with people from all walks of life is important and we don't see quiet time, reflective time and time with our feet in the sea or our hands in the soil as indulgent. In fact we see it as very necessary to the health of ourselves, the health of our families, our communities and our environment. Without these concious connections we get taken up in the everyday "to do" list and can easily forget the importance of taking care of these elements of life, which when nurtured helps everything to thrive.

Allowing space and giving priority to time to do nothing allows us to listen, to ourselves, to others and to nature. The Wise Woman Tradition of healing points out there are no rules. The wise women is curious, she experiements and listens to her body, she trusts herself and asks for help. Instead of trying to control a situation, which only leads to anxiety, the Wise Women Healing Tradition would look for connection, and seek a nourishing path of peace. "Give up on forcing Nature to do your bidding and dance with her variability." Susun Weed