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There's a lot of talk about going vegan to help the planet, but one of the best ways to help the environment would be to eat as local as possible, and eat slightly less.  Grow your own fruit and vegetables, share produce within the community, forage for foods and discover foods that grow locally that we don't eat much of anymore.  If you do eat meat, eat well reared local meat, eat locally caught fish occassionally and eat seasonally for your area.

In today's World it's all about abundance, we can eat what we want, when we want and in whichever season we want.  The fact is we really don't need to eat as much as we do, as often as we do and we can only benefit from the joy patience brings when we've had to wait months for the taste of that first ripe strawberry.

If we ate more seasonally and sourced our produce locally then we not only connect ourselves to the environment, but also to our community.  We share in the wonderful produce someone else is growing or rearing or making.  It's not just a financial benefit to shop, share, swap locally, it's a mental health benefit too.  By nurturing our connection to the environment and our community we in turn actively want to care for it.

That is the beauty of shopping small, buying what you need and not everything you want and interacting in your community.

We want to bring together a collection of recipes from our community in Skye & Lochalsh.  Food ideas from different generations, using local and seasonal ingredients.  These are the things that keep us together in our community, in our families and when we've connected with nature and our community we remember that taking care of our planet is worth it.

If you live locally and would like to contribute please email: