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Our refill shop sells a wide variety of refillable dried food, fresh organic vegetables and a large selection of refillable body and household goods.

We try our best to find eco and sustainable products grown or made locally in Scotland.  A lot of our dried food comes from further afield, but we try our best to source organic and ethical items.  We are on a journey to find and provide the best we can for ethical, sustainable and environmental reasons. 


We feel our shop is a hub and a place to share knowledge with each other and feel that we truly do listen to our customers if they're looking for something or feel that sourcing from better producer would be better.

Some of our household and body refills are produced on a closed loop system, which means that not only are they made in the UK, but we can also send back the large robust plastic containers to be refilled again and again.  Looking for ways to maintain a circular economy in whatever way we can is a very important part of what we do.

We are also proud to support local artisan makers and have handmade macrame hangers, soaps made by a herbalist here on the Isle of Skye, along with face creams and locally produced salt and bread!  We are always looking for new items whether it be food or for the home that have the environment in mind.

Some of the producers that we support in the Highlands are;

Apothecary's Garden

Jeanette is a Medical Herbalist and has a background in pharmacology to best use the natural pharmacopeia the herbs of Skye provide.  She combines the herbs with the highest quality butters and oils to produce a luxury range of soaps that are paraben and SLS free.

Isle of Skye Sea Salt

The Isle of Skye Sea Salt is a multi-award winning premium quality product made entirely from the pure, clean waters of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye.

The Skye Bakehouse

The Skye Bakehouse is a small independant, home-based bakery on the Isle of Skye.  John is the baker and Mania is the Pastry Chef.  They bake Sourdough bread and bespoke cakes.  All natural, simple and seasonal.  What's not to love!

Macleods Organics

Our vegetables are from an organic farm just outside Inverness.  We are provided with delicious seasonal fruit and veg and it's also possible to get a veg box too!  Ask in the shop for details.

Gigha Natural Skincare

GNS provide beautiful handmade skincare, where ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, no animal products are used and none of their ingredients are tested on animals.  The Avocado Handcream is a top seller!

Lather & Smudge

This is a lovely Edinburgh based artisanal soap company, making traditional cold presses soap.  Their soaps are coloured with clays and plant infusions & packed with essential oils.  All their products are natural, vegan and palm oil free and they aim to minimize plastic at every stage of production.

Surya Luna

We sell the Surya Luna hair care range and love it!  If you have tried lots of shampoo bars and haven't had any success we woyuld highly recommend giving these bars a try.  They're a small business based in Aberdeen and they carefully blend the finest plant oils and butters, essential oils, botanicals and clays to create a range that soothes the mind and body, while minimising their impact on the environment.

Retreat Apothecary

This is another beautiful small business based near Aberdeen.  They produce wonderfully botanically sented face & hair oils and deodorants, which are all made with love.  They also are passionate about recycling and so once you've finished your bottle or tub of deodorant you can bring it back to us in the shop and we'll send it backto them so they can use it again. 

Where to find us

We are located on Shore Road, which is the main street through Broadford on the Isle of Skye.  We are right next to the fish & chip takeaway.

Funding Awarded

Our refill equipment, scales and signage has been supported Islands Green Recovery Programme funding application through Zero Waste Scotland , which is supported and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Scottish Government.

Our project was to aim towards Zero Waste and lessen the waste in our community by lessening single use plastics.  This funding will contribute to the transformation of our current service to a refillable format.  We have been awarded £11,051.02 by the fund.