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Take a Look at Our Funded Community Projects.

Women's Circle Journey

Date: February 2022

Duration: 5 Weeks

Funding: Forestry & Land Scotland, and Inspiring Scotland - Rural Communities Fund

The Women’s Circles project was based on a series of workshops designed for women to reconnect to themselves, each other and nature.  Exploring women’s cycles and stages of womanhood and their connection to nature’s cycles.

The project journeyed with ten women in a local woodland over a period of five weeks.  Three amazing facilitators created supported spaces for women in nature and focused on different ways of expression from art, creative activities, movement and conversation. Using peer-support to care and support women.

The project used contact with nature workshops to help maintain and develop mental and physical health.

The facilitators that worked on this project are local to the Highlands and continue to do wonderful work in the community.  To find out more about each of them please follow the links below;

Jo Royle - Circles of Women, Spiritual Counselling, Meditation.

Rosamonde Birch - Education, Future, Ethics, Earth.

Isabel McLeish - Highland Forest Therapy.


The overall aim of the project was to create spaces in nature to help connect women back to our natural environment, which in turn reminds us to care for ourselves, our community and the Earth.

Mother's Wellbeing Group

Date: March 2022

Duration: 6 Weeks

Funding: HTSI - Health & Wellbeing Fund

The Mother's Wellbeing Group was designed to be a mother focused group, allowing a free flowing space for mother and child.  We provided optional on site child-minding, to allow that extra support for the mother's attending.

The focus was to help mother's with young children that have felt the effects of isolation over the past few years. We wanted to provide a safe space to meet other mother's, and to work with local practitioners and facilitators to offer gentle movement and mindfulness that would support mental wellbeing.

The funding provided six weeks of sessions, along with enabling us to purchase all the equipment required to carry this on long into the future.  

Throughout the six weeks we worked with over ten different facilitators and carers.  Another aspect of the funding was to ensure wrap-around support for those working to create the group.  This was in the form of a decent wage, which gave thought to extra costs such as travel and insurance for those working.  Women statistically are paid much less, and often do much more for 'free' in jobs such as caring, childcare, arts and alternative therapies.  As a women owned business we wanted to ensure that these aspects were taken into consideration.

Once the project was completed we also provided time for the carers and facilitators to meet up and have time to connect with each other to help build relationships in their thematic community and support each other in how we could all work together to improve the project for the future.

Mother's Wellbeing Group - Outdoors Summer Sessions

Date: Aug & Sept 2022 and April & May 2023

Duration: 8 Sessions

Fund: Think Health, Think Nature - Highland Green Health Small Grant Fund

We have been lucky enough to have received a boost of funding from Think Health, Think Nature to be able to continue our Mother's Wellbeing Groups.  These sessions will be slightly different because they will be outdoors!

We have teamed up with The Plock to be able to take our Bell Tent to create a beautiful safe space for mother and child whilst also breathing fresh air, and seeing the dappled sunlight coming through the bell tent.  

We have kept all the elements that made the Mother's Wellbeing Group so special, we will have child care and an open fluid space that lessens separation anxiety and we have time after the session to have tea, chat and connect.

Exact dates and times will be available for booking on our Events page.


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