Summer Solstice Forest Bathing
Sun, 19 Jun | South Skye & Lochalsh

Summer Solstice Forest Bathing

Isabel offers guided nature and forest experiences to help relax, relieve stress and invite joy and pleasure through a sensory connection with the natural world.

Time & Location

19 Jun 2022, 10:30 – 12:30
South Skye & Lochalsh

About the event

Summer Solstice Forest Bathing Celebration

Celebrate the Summer Solstice and reflect on the first half of the year. The solstice is the sun standing still and an opportunity to pause. We can give ourselves permission to stop, breathe and reflect before moving forward. The solstice is a time of expansion, abundance and renewal as we witness the unfolding leaves on the trees and feel the warmth of the sunshine. How can we honour the light within ourselves? Take part in a restorative and relaxing Forest Bathing experience and tune in to the rhythms of nature.

The Selkie Collective

We will be providing locally made cake to compliment Isabel's tea  ceremony, and to make you feel extra special we'll be giving you some  Selkie gifts to help you pamper yourself when you get home.

About Isabel:

Isabel McLeish is an artist and a certified Forest Therapy Guide and Forest Therapy Practitioner. She is based in Lochalsh, within the Wester Ross Biosphere and offers guided experiences and creative workshops throughout the Highlands and beyond. Isabel often facilitates sessions that are informed by the astronomical calendar, the earth festivals and the lunar calendar to help deepen our connection to the rhythms of nature. She is passionate about supporting health and wellbeing through green activities and creating spaces where people can come together to slow down, tune-in, share ideas and celebrate our local landscape.


Instagram: @highlandforesttherapy

What is Forest Bathing?

‘Shinrin-yoku’ or ‘Forest Bathing’ originated in Japan in the 1980’s as a wellness practice for

using our senses to connect to the natural world. Forest bathing does not involve any

swimming! The idea of ‘bathing’ comes from bathing your senses in the atmosphere of the

forest for relaxation and health care.

Isabel offers guided nature and forest experiences to help relax, relieve stress and invite joy

and pleasure through a sensory connection with the natural world. A forest bathing

experience focuses on slowing down, using techniques such as mindfulness and meditation

and through a set of invitations, offers ways of using our senses to deepen our connection

to the land. There are also opportunities for sharing our experiences as part of the group

and expressive arts can be incorporated into the practice through sculpture, writing and

poetry activities. A forest bathing experience is not a naturalist walk or a trek, it is an

opportunity to use our senses so that we move out of our heads and into our bodies. Forest

bathing enables people to tune in to the rhythms and seasons of nature and the experiences

are not physically demanding and often finish with a tea ceremony.

Forest bathing is an evidence-based practice for preventative healthcare and research has

suggested that it can; lower stress and anxiety, strengthen the immune system, lower blood

pressure, reduce our stress hormone cortisol, improve sleep and improve cognitive function

such as memory and attention. Forest bathing is also a social practice, enabling the

community to come together and connect with the local landscape and each other.

  • Summer Solstice Forest Bathing