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We had a gorgeous morning out with some lovely women, we followed the path over to Camasunary Bay.  Unfortunately our original plan to have a guided walk for all levels couldn't go ahead as planned, however, instead of cancelling we decided that we would walk over ourselves and invite anyone that felt confident and knowledgable enough to come along too!

We knew there was a clear path and some of the women that joined the walk had done the walk many times.  The day started warm, with low cloud and more midges than we had seen in a while!  However, once we started walking we didn't really notice the midges and enjoyed a few breaths of a breeze as we reached the top of the pass.  Looking down and out to Canmasunary Bay is absolutely stunning and we could see the sea call us from high up, we couldn't wait to jump in.

Once we reached the bay we sat on the shoreline for a while and chatted over some tea and homemaking, before a few of us took a wee dip in the sea.  It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.  From doing the walk and talking with the women that joined we realised that more women are looking to find others to walk or hike with more regularly, so it has spurred us on to create a chat group for that that want to do similar things in the future.  Keep a look out on our events page for more details on this.

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