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An Eco Conscious Shop & Women's Community Collective



We organise local events that run throughout the year to bring women together in nature, to share and connect.

Washing Dishes

Shop a selection of our kitchen cleaning products and homeware items.

Homemade Natural Soap

Shop all your natural bathroom products, happy in the knowledge that they are all eco, sustainable and ethical.

Beauty Products

We try and source a lot of our body products from small artisan Scottish businesses. 



We'd love to hear from you!


Amy & Emma want to take the time to talk with local people to Skye & Lochalsh to find out about local projects, the people themselves and the place where we live.

Helping to make links, find out information and connect back to our surroundings and the people that are making great efforts to help the environment, champion women's issues and generally support their local community.

Take a look at my Canva design!_edited.png


Our blog is where we post about tips and tricks we find along the way to be more environmentally concious and live more sustainably.

We have guest bloggers that share recipes and stories, we talk about wild swimming, foraging and it wouldn't be The Selkie Collective if we didn't post about how we as women are finding ways to feel more empowered in our day to day.

swim meeting.jpg


We have now been running The Selkie Collective for two years and in that time we have enjoyed growing the business from not just an eco shop, but holding events, writing blogs, doing podcasts and even trying our hand at a few reels for social media.

All of these elements are so important to us to create a way of living within our community and contributing to it.

We would love to hear from other women that would be interested in getting involved with The Selkie Collective.  If you have a skill or passion for any of the skills below, we would love to hear from you!

  • Photography

  • eCommerce

  • Blog

  • Retail

  • Marketing

  • Events Planning

  • Business Strategy

  • Social Media

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